We're a husband + wife photography team. Emily has been a photographer by trade for almost 10 years and converted Alan to life behind the lens a few years back. We primarily shoot weddings and love being able to capture celebrations and help couples document one of the best days of their lives. Emily also shoots seniors, families, branding and boudoir.

Emily & Alan

About the owners

We love this job, and are extremely lucky that we get to do it together. Photography as a profession can be a very lonely work. Between the long days of editing at home or the endless weeknight and weekend shoots, you spend a lot of time alone and also miss out on everyday life events. Most photographers don't get the luxury of having co-workers or an "office" to go to that's not a Starbucks. From this reality, the idea of Cache Creative was born.

Our Members

Amanda Van Orden
The Tiny Studio

Aubrey Weber
Aubrey Nicole Photography

Emily Foss
Sweet Justice Photography

A place for photographers + Creatives

We hope to not just be a studio that you can rent hourly, but a place of community for Northern Colorado photographers. Whether you are a member or a regular at our photographer events, we welcome anyone and everyone who works behind a camera.


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